Safaplace Conference ’19 concludes strong support for campaigning


Yesterday’s incredibly busy event – comprising fifteen different workshops, speakers and performance poetry – was attended by around 200 people. Check out some of the social media posts and you will get a real feel for Safaplace Conference 19!

The day ended with speakers around the issue of the transition in mental health care at 18 – with the audience reacting strongly and vocally to the evidence of gaps in services and calling for a local campaign to extend them. Safaplace’s trustees put a proposal to the Conference on the issue, which was fully supported, and which called for:

  • Flexibility on age at transition and /or extending support to 25 to mirror leaving care support
  • Research on what young people, and their families, want from transition in Hackney
  • Improved transition awareness across schools and young people’s services and support for parents and carers at this key time as well as work to improve pastoral support in Higher Education
  • Strengthening employers, and apprenticeship schemes, awareness and capacity to
  • respond to young people’s mental health issues.
  • Identifying which effective evidence-based practice is in use locally and promoting multi agency transition strategies – making transition a more significant part of a combined CCG, CAMHS, AMS and Learning Trust strategy within Hackney

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